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The KISA Recovery Center – Treatment Facility for Women

KISA is an alcohol and drug treatment facility designed for the specific needs of  women suffering from addiction and  trauma. This program restores lives by addressing the unique and specific needs of alcohol or drug addiction in women. These specific needs are addressed in an environment designed to instill a holistic recovery of a woman’s body, mind and spirit. Our main goal is to provide an opportunity for women to break the cycle of addiction and enjoy healthy, contented,  and productive lives. This mission informs and directs the entire KISA program, from the aesthetic design of the Treatment facility to our  treatment model.

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The KISA Difference

The KISA alcohol and drug treatment program was founded on the premise that men and women enter into addictions differently and that women in recovery have unique physical, psychological social and aesthetic needs. Physically, a woman’s body  and hormonal balance different from a man’s. These differences affect the woman’s body and have implications for the most effective treatment for recovering women.

KISA’s physical treatments include programs of fitness and nutritional therapy that maximize a women’s health and energy to heal. Drug and alcohol abuse that puts significant stress on the body’s digestion, detoxification and recuperation organs. The first order of physical recovery is to provide the woman’s body with the proper nutrients to strengthen and repair the damage that has been done. Maintaining proper energy levels is equally important. Drops and spikes in blood sugar and energy have the potential to trigger cravings of all sorts in recovering women. At KISA, clients are encouraged to choose and prepare the foods that both heal stressed organs and maintain optimal energy levels. After leaving the program, clients take this knowledge to enhance the lifelong health of themselves and their families. Exercise plays a vital role in recovery at the KISA. Regular, strenuous exercise reduces stress, but strengthens a healing body and increases self-esteem. KISA offers a range of exercise activities including yoga and regularly available massage therapy.

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We have caring admissions counselors available 24/7


Charity Kossin, LMAC


The Importance of Treatment Constructed Especially for Women

Psychologically, women who become addicted have a different  profile than men who become addicted. As an often-underestimated rule, women have a greater tendency to have developed that addiction to cope with trauma and emotional pain than men. Women also have a range of social and cultural pressures and issues that men do not experience.Women are underrepresented in most treatment centers, because women have a harder time reaching out for help. In a mixed gender setting, women may not have the same kind of attention or focus on their gender-specific issues as they would at a women’s treatment center. Our alcohol and drug rehab program of healing encourages women to explore and heal the issues and traumas that underlie the addiction. Counseling is conducted in an environment of trust and safety, by women, where a woman’s voice is heard and respected.

At KISA, special attention is paid to the issue of trauma. Accounts of physical, sexual and emotional trauma are particularly common among women in addiction. We believe that until this trauma is effectively addressed and healed, that emotional pain will continue to threaten a woman’s ongoing sobriety. For that reason, KISA counselors are especially focused on helping women uncover and recover from their trauma.

Therapeutic techniques used at the KISA include not only the conventional one-on-one cognitive behavioral therapy treatment, but also additional forms of treatment that allow women to safely explore and address their personal issues. Dynamic experiential group work, family sculpting, art therapy and group counseling sessions enable women to experience and express their emotions in a variety of different ways. During these therapies, the all-women atmosphere encourages women to speak honestly and openly in ways that the presence of men might inhibit.


Call Today: 1-620-710-5058

We have caring admissions counselors available 24/7

The Design of Recovery: A Treatment Center Designed to Heal

DSC_0162Aesthetically, KISA believes that a woman’s healing is enhanced through an environment that reflects the qualities that the woman desires in her life. In this model, the physical space around the client is a part of the treatment. The KISA Center’s choice of colors and textures encourage feelings of calm and well-being. Spaces for solitude and reflection coexist with gathering spaces that encourage socialization and networking.

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